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As with all journeys there are discoveries to be made, obstacles to overcome and paths to choose. Recently I have been feeling as if I have been lead a little off course, by no one other than myself, I might add !. In my desire to create delicious recipes certain foods had found their way back into my life, which I knew were ultimately doing me no good. Concerned about this and feeling the need to re focus I began another search for information on diet and MS. What I have discovered has altered the way I will be cooking and eating from now on. After reading Overcoming Mutiple Sclerosis by Professor George Jelenik, I feel there is a lot more I can do to help my body heal. How I missed him 16 months ago, I don’t know. Remembering how I felt, I think I just grabbed the first thing that gave me hope. This was no bad thing but his book gives me even greater hope and a renewed determination to do all that I can to help my body cope with MS. Apart from one or two things I will be following his recommendations on diet and embracing his suggested program for recovery, so I am afraid to say that there will be a few changes to some of the ingredients that I use, so here goes !. He recommends no meat, however I have decided to keep lean wild game meat in my diet but will only eat it very occassionally. Fish and shellfish are all good, as are legumes, which I am more than happy to reintroduce into my diet. There is apparently, no real evidence as of yet that gluten has a link with MS, so I might from time to time use some whole grains and flours containing gluten. Dairy stays definately out and there is evidence of a strong link between cow’s milk and MS. I always did have niggling doubts about vegetable oils and particularly coconut oil and they have been confirmed. These so called healthy recipes that use coconut oil are far from healthy !. Unfortunately it is also time to say goodbye once and for all to the chocolate, chocolate in all it’s forms, apart from cocoa powder. Then we come to eggs, which he rrecommends should also not be eaten but for me and for now, the egg stays in, although I am sure that there will be some egg free baking in the future !. His book is a real eye opener and I would recommend it to anyone with MS but even more so to those recently diagnosed. Diet is hugely important, along with Swanks study and all the other evidence he presents, it is clear that saturated fat intake should be kept as low as possible and a lifestyle change made to give our bodies the best chance of recovery. I have come to my first crossroads and have chosen a new direction with renewed determination and hope !. With this new path comes a new name Pilgrims kitchen tales will soon be Cook Eat Hope and I hope you will continue to cook, eat and hopefully enjoy my recipes !.



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This month I am celebrating. I have just realized that last year on the 23rd of April I posted my first recipe. Pilgrims Kitchen Tales will be one year old in a week and although my illusions of of reaching the masses might have been just a little naive and overly optimistic, I feel that I have a lot to celebrate!. The aim of Pilgrims Kitchen Tales was to share my recipes with other people with MS and thanks to the South and West Cornwall branch of the MS Society that is what I am doing. I now have a page in their monthly magazine. If you feel like supporting us, it is £5 a year to join, it would be greatly appreciated, contact .  A year is not so long a time but this one seems to have been and gone in a blink of an eye. My life indeed is fuller than it was. The journey Andy and I started is well under way and the inspiration keeps coming. There is also hope as although I have relapsed, my body I like to think is strong and dare I say it, seems to be coping well, I really do believe the diet is helping. On the subject of diet, there are one or two confessions to be made !. There are certain ingredients that have crept back in for “culinary reasons”, honest !. Well it is all about the food !. Therefore I have relaxed my stance on sugar, I am now occassionally using Rapadura sugar in some recipes, this is full of flavour and sweeter, so you don’t need to use as much. Surprisingly it also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. I have also succumbed to using premixed gluten free flour, mainly for breads, biscuits and some pastries as I have found the results, especially in biscuits and breads, better than my own concoctions. And finally chocolate, well what is there to say, cacao nibs and cacao paste, although certainly healthier do not a good chocolate cake make and as it is Easter who can blame me ?. Imagining that you may also be indulging in a little chocolate, I am hoping to inspire you with a couple of chocolate free recipes for Easter, apologies, a little late I know ! Lamb, artichoke and olive tagine and Pistachio, honey parfait with baked rhubarb and rose syrup, hope you will give them a go. Happy Easter!

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My culinary leanings, I would say are firmly european. Recently however, I have found myself being drawn much further afield. Just before Christmas I picked up a book called Fusion, a culinary jouney and without meaning to offend, the author is male. The reason I remark on this is that most of my cookery books are written by women. There is the incredible Claudia Roden, who’s books are not only an amazing source of recipes but also history, traditions and culture, quite literally my food bible. Then there is Anna del Conte, Diana Henry, Elizabeth David. The male authors are seriously in the minority. Fusion is written by Peter Gordon, who is famous for his East meets West cuisine. I have never before been drawn to Asian cuisine but now I find myself well and truely enticed. His book has followed me from room to room for the past 2 months and has set my mind racing and has inspired new recipes. I might not have mastered the fusion element, there have been one or two concoctions that although have been edible, have also been seriously confused !. But I am not one to give up, so hopefully one day I will get it right. For now however we are enjoying and experiencing food with Asian flavours  and perhaps I can tempt you to try one of these – Lapsang and sherry noodles with pigeon, Aubergine, spinach and cashew nut curry, or my cauliflower, sesame and coriander rosti, hope you enjoy !.

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It is hard to ignore, almost impossible, food has become not just my addiction, but the nations obsession. From the multitude of television programs, and I am confessing to watching most of them, to magazines, newspaper articles and blogs, food is everywhere. We are also constantly bombarded with what we should and shouldn’t be eating. There is always a maligned food of the moment, responsible for all our problems. It is publicized to the point of irritation and oddly enough coincides with the launch of new cook and diet books, most of which seem to believe that we are completely lacking in logic and common sense and will all be clambering blindly   to be on that fashionable bus. At the moment the evil we are eating is sugar. It’s been the subject of choice and the topic of conversation since the beginning of January. It has been vilified and condemned and I for one have had a surfeit of sugar. We all know sugar is bad for us but now even the average fruit is a fiend, honey and maple syrup do not escape, we are being told to avoid it all !. “Eliminate sugar from your diet and you’ll lose weight”, no kidding !, eliminate any one major ingredient from your diet and you will lose weight. Andy and myself have lost over a stone each. What is that I hear you say ” hypocrite “; yes I don’t eat gluten or dairy but that is because I sincerely believe it will affect my condition. My diet is very high in vegetables and very low in carbohydrates, sugars and starch but I would certainly not avoid these foods because if you eat well there is no reason to. The problem isn’t any one particular food, it is how it is grown, processed and consumed. We don’t respect food or ourselves enough. We don’t need to eat sugar, carbohydrate or starch with every meal. Why eat potatoes when you can eat parsnips and pumpkins ?. Why make cakes containing enormous amounts of sugar, when there is absolutely no need to ?. Why is it that so many recipes contain cream, cheese and butter ?. Foods to be enjoyed if you can eat them, yes !, but not used and consumed the way they are today. So before you reach for that packet of rice, think cauliflower, I hope you will see why if you try my Cauliflower and prawn “nasi goreng ” and before you make that carrot cake with all that sugar, please give my Carrot cake a try. Oh and one more thing, I have had my rant, but eat more greens !

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January and I breathe a huge sigh of relief, the crazy season is well and truely over, life has returned to it’s normal pace. I have been thinking, preparing and cooking food for the past two months, all for the festive season that lasts little more than a week. Food, which has always been a passion and is now something of an addiction, creating recipes and experimenting with food, although quite often frustrating is also hugely rewarding, has lost a little of it’s appeal. Even I with all my food enthusiasm am feeling a little food overload, a little cooked out !. January and I find myself another year older and hopefully a little wiser, certainly, I know more about what I should be eating. Thankfully the days are gradually getting longer and I know that in a few weeks time, when I look out onto the garden there will be the first splashes of sunny yellow and then spring is not far behind but that doesn’t stop me wanting to be anywhere else but here. Yes I am feeling a little jaded, perhaps I need to recharge those batteries, don’t we all ? or maybe my body is trying to tell me something. So with spring in mind and thoughts of what I should be eating more of, I’m going to try to ignore the chocolate cravings and the continuing urge for comfort food and have instead some super healthy food. You might not feel the need for some extra fruit and veg but your body will thank you for it and I if you are feeling like me, I sincerely hope you are not, and those batteries do need recharging, then here are a couple of  vitamin and antioxidant packed, immune boosting recipes - Super C smoothie and Gloriously green smoothie - absolutely no cooking required, bliss !.

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So it will be 2014 in a few hours time, but before you start thinking about all those New Year resolutions, I think there is something more important to do. As the end of the year approaches I find myself reflecting on all that has happened this year and how one year can change not just your life but your whole perspective. After all the fear, anger, despair and grief of being diagnosed I sit here and realise how fortunate I am and how much I have to be grateful for.  Something life changing can give you a special sort of strength. It gives you purpose and clarity. It has the incredible ability to ground and define . I am definitely not the person I was, in more ways than one, although I seem to have retained all of my annoying traits !. No, I am now more focused, more settled and in many ways happier. I feel like I have finally found myself and what is really important to me, I feel a sense of completeness that wasn’t there before. Yes, there were times when I felt that my life was coming apart at the seams and at the beginning I imagined myself as a ticking time bomb, envisaging a restricted and gloomy future, full of all the worst case scenarios. I was ready to throw sensibility and caution aside in fear of a future where I was no longer able or capable, better do it now before it’s too late !. Luckily those thoughts and feelings have run their course, yes I have the odd blip but mostly I am focused on today and that is how I want it to be, enjoying, appreciating and making the most of the now with my Husband, whose love and constant support has got me here and my family and friends. So before you all rush to welcome in the New Year with a new you and forget about the old, don’t forget to celebrate the now with those who mean the most. For me there is no better way to celebrate than cooking and eating good food with friends and family. I have also learnt that a meal doesn’t have to be a culinary masterpiece, it doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or the preparation all weekend consuming !. It just has to be enjoyed !. So maybe I can tempt you to cook my celebration dinner - Cranberry and smoked mackerel tians Venison with pickled walnuts and apricots - Chocolate and chestnut creme brulee.

Who knows what the future holds but I wish you a Happy and Healthier 2014 !.  


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Christmas has come early to our kitchen. Back at the beginning of October during my weekly oxygen treatment, a productive hour spent more often than not thinking about and looking at food - I normally take in a recipe book or two from an ever growing collection, a serious addiction, I just can’t resist them !. This time though, I was reading the local MS Society monthly magazine and my oxygen intoxicated brain started to ponder on the idea of a recipe of the month. The more I pondered, the more the idea took hold and I left full of purpose with intentions of contacting the necessary person. Oh but I’m not so brave, doubt set in and my confidence vanished and it took another couple of weeks to summon up the courage to make contact. In my mind it all seemed so simple, all I had to do was send in my monthly blog and a couple of recipes. I was soon to discover that things, as we all know, are never as simple as we imagine they are going to be !. No, in the world of magazines things happen in advance, a whole month in advance. Obvious, yes, I have been looking at Christmas recipes since the beginning of November but it was this small detail that my brain had failed to process. So that is why it has been smelling like Christmas since the end of October, the house has been filled with the delicious smell of mince pies baking and the aroma of alcohol soaked fruits cooking in festive teabreads. I am not really much of a cake person but even I have been unable to resist, Andy is in cake heaven and I will admit that both of us have become a little addicted to the pies and teabread. Perfecting these recipes has put me behind and I am now in a bit of a panic, for the first time in  years I have forgotten all about the pudding and and stir up Sunday has been and gone!. I am also very aware that there are no savoury offerings and I would like to tempt you, perhaps, with something a little different for Christmas day. The pudding is on hold but I have a couple of recipes which I think look special and taste special and if you are not going to be a crowd, they are perfect for smaller gatherings. Perhaps I can tempt you to try the Leek and walnut roasted pollock with caper vinaigrette or maybe the Apricot and pistachio roasted partridge with clementine sauce. I have even a little something to go with that glass of sherry or whatever your preference Christmas morning , Smoked mackerel and cranberry blinis. I hope I  have given you a little inspiration for Christmas Day but more importantly, whatever you decide to feast on, enjoy !. Pudding recipes, with any luck, next year !.


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I have never been tempted to make pumpkin pie before, the idea of it has  just not appealed. However having spent a week or two experimenting with squash and halloween a few days away, I decide to put my misgivings aside, completely ignore my intuition and give it a go. The result, although quite appealing on the plate is, unfortunately, seriously bizarre on the palate. It is exactly as I imagined it, despite it’s almost sickly sweetness, it just feels as though you should be eating it as a main with a little gravy on the side. I do not get the attraction and nor does Andy, whose first reaction was “you can’t publish this !”. We don’t get it but are we missing something ?. I’m not sure and because it has a culinary history and, as the saying goes, “each to his own”, it has been saved from the recipe bin. So this recipe with a little twist, Squash and pecan “cheesecake” is for all of you who do get it or want to try it, to be converted or to never indulge again and I wouldn’t blame you !. I used seasonal squash because I just can’t resist them, all their different shapes and colours but if you want to be traditional use pumpkin instead. For all those who know better or are not feeling so adventurous, I hope you will try my Squash and buckwheat pizza or maybe my squash and buckwheat flatbreads.

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I detected a hint of a amusement on my father’s face, as my parents  so generously deposited two bags af windfall apples on our conservatory floor. “Great” I say “that’s two more bags to go with the other two. Well I suppose I have the subject for my next blog, so I had better start thinking !”, a definite smile spread across his face. My father embraces life as it comes and tackles every obstacle or event it throws at him with exceptional calm, courage and a steely determination. I believe I have him to thank for that part of me which can be just a little stubborn and determined. I know I will probably need some of his courage and I just hope in time, I will acquire some of that calm !. Before I share the results of my endeavours in the kitchen, I am going to confess to one of our guilty pleasures and that is pork. Our treat, or if I am really honest, one of our treats for the week is a meal of roast pork and preferably a big slab of belly with plenty of crackling and if you are Andy an equal quantity of apple sauce!. Bad, I know, but pork is Andy’s favorite and if truth be told it is mine and there are times when those little marbled cubes and wafer thin slices are just too delicious to resist and some dishes just wouldn’t be the same without them. I have discovered it is possible to live without bread and cheese but life would be unthinkable without the odd bowl full of amatriciana or a spicy dish with chorizo. Well we now have plenty of apple sauce to go with our roast pork and there were more than enough apples left over for a little experimentation. In fact if I could put apple in it, I did. It goes without saying that there are still a few recipes that need a little tweaking but for now I would like to share my caramel apple cake, a comforting cake for colder days, inspired by memories of the Alps. I have also discovered the delicious combination of apple and mackerel, in an apple and smoked mackerel pate and baked mackerel with apple and horseradish. I hope you enjoy !.